What exactly do Loxley Royalty Management do?

LOXLEY are acknowledged royalty auditors in both the Computer Games Industry and the much broader Brand Licensing industry worldwide.

Why choose us to help your company?

The Loxley team has over forty years combined commercial experience in senior positions within the publishing and licensing industries, in short we’ve experienced both sides of the coin.

How are we described by the royalty teams we audit?

  • Honest & Tenacious
  • Detailed interrogators
  • Personable and professional
  • Confidential

In summary, LRM offer the following:

  • Brand License Audits
  • Manufacturing Audits
  • Royalty/Profit Share/Distribution Audits
  • Helpful advice for Games Developers (pertaining to net receipts and audit clauses)
  • On-going or one off royalty statement analysis and report
  • Film Distribution & Grant Audits

Audits interrogate and verify the data provided to the developer and are the dependable solution to royalty/profit share issues encountered by Developers worldwide. Loxley are here to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, removing roadblocks and providing a welcome sounding board. Loxley offer competitive and flexible pricing, all sizes of companies can afford benefit from our help. Loxley offer free ‘Healthchecks’ under NDA for contracts and royalty statements. Loxley are great at what they do but if you would prefer to hear it from the horses’ mouth please contact us for testimonials.


Who uses our service?
Independent Developers looking to ensure the correct calculation and release of monies due to them by their publishing and distribution partners. Read more...
Why Audit?
Audit to provide peace of mind if the statement integrity is questionable, to professionally ‘reassure’ the board of directors or prior to renegotiating a new contract. Read more...
Our Team
Our skilled audit team are familiar with all types of commercial agreement including Distribution, Co-Publishing, Profit Share, Mobile Share and Traditional Royalty based contracts. Read more...