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Licensors/Companies audit for differing reasons, here are just a few:

  • An Audit was always planned (Co-Publishing and/or Large contract)
  • Best Practise Recommendation
  • Board of Directors request an audit
  • Recommendation to audit from a fellow Developer
  • No royalties received when they were expected from the agreement
  • Obvious Statement errors
  • Manufacturing/Sales Data does not reconcile with statements

Other indications something could be wrong are:

  • Late royalty statements
  • Retentions not released or under released
  • Mobile Statements missing distribution partners
  • Mobile Statements revenue not corresponding with download reports
  • Advances/Minimum Guarantees not correctly reported on statements (miscalculations of balance due)
  • Seemingly over inflated average costs applied to profit share
  • Seemingly high estimates applied to profit share agreements
  • Royalty Breaks Incorrectly applied
  • High level of staff changes at Publishers (loss of confidence with data)
  • Lower Average Sales Prices achieved

Clients often report back following an audit with these benefits:

  • Peace of mind
  • Investor confidence
  • Information for other profitable business agreements
  • Additional royalties!

Dave Noble explains

‘As the games industry changes and reinvents itself through acquisition, through the advent of new technologies and formats with new customers and territories and new ways of monetising that development thus realising the profits we all search for to enable us to keep doing what you love, having control of or at least an effective and efficient understanding of our financial obligations and exposures is the minimum we must all achieve. We can choose to realise this through our own hard work or assistance from companies like Loxley, who are on hand to assist independent developers or publishers through contract advice or partner audit’.


Who uses our service?
Independent Developers looking to ensure the correct calculation and release of monies due to them by their publishing and distribution partners. Read more...
Why Audit?
Audit to provide peace of mind if the statement integrity is questionable, to professionally ‘reassure’ the board of directors or prior to renegotiating a new contract. Read more...
Our Team
Our skilled audit team are familiar with all types of commercial agreement including Distribution, Co-Publishing, Profit Share, Mobile Share and Traditional Royalty based contracts. Read more...